Extreme Makeover: How Strict COVID Protocols Could Change The Makeup Industry Forever

Sep 8, 2021 | Donation Stories, Featured

Who wouldn’t want their makeup done professionally by a gore lover with a wicked sense of humour?! Jada Cianne Arriola is your go-to in the Vancouver, BC area. Perhaps her love for ‘The Walking Dead’ and apocalyptic genres helped build her resilience during the pandemic. She promises to keep the gore away from the makeup chair, unless that is the look you are going for! Working for Richards Models Management as a freelance makeup artist, Jada tells us how COVID-19 has greatly impacted her work- from travel restrictions to relationship building with clients. 

As a freelancer and contracted makeup artist for a modeling agency, travel is a key part of finding jobs and meeting up with clients. Due to the nature of Jada’s work, the pandemic has made it very challenging (and at times impossible) to perform her duties and continue to work safely while in close proximity to her models. Pre-COVID, Jada was able to let her bubbly personality shine while applying makeup, spending time networking and relationship building. Now, safety and comfort have become the top priorities for Jada and her clients, causing her to source quality PPE and perform her duties as efficiently as possible to limit the amount of close contact. This shift in the way makeup artists work has not only affected Jada’s approach, but the entire atmosphere of the entertainment industry as it adapts to the new normal.


Protective equipment such as face shields and masks have become a non-negotiable part of Jada’s makeup kit,  but as a freelancer she was required to source her own. As a glasses wearer, standard PPE constantly caused fogging issues and in some cases, even distorted her vision. After hearing about our Healthful Plus PPE kits from a colleague, she immediately applied for a donation and was so thankful for the quality of the PPE she received.

The face shields in particular are the BEST, as they do not seem to interfere with my glasses … The masks are amazing, I do have a small nose and find that [other] masks do not sit right on my face but the Healthful Plus ones are super mouldable, comfortable and do not seem to feel stuffy.”

Not only was she happy with the donation kit itself, but she greatly appreciated our team at Healthful Plus and what we’re doing for the creative community.

“Hands down the best thing about receiving the donation is the amazing people behind … Healthful Plus. They are so lovely and caring to have these donations (available) for any creatives. I also cannot forget that I now arrive in style on any set. I definitely use the shield and mask as a fashion statement!”

If you are looking for a quirky and talented professional makeup artist in BC, Canada make sure you check out Jada’s Instagram or Facebook page to support local, small businesses and artists. 

If you’re in need of well-designed, high quality PPE, register for a donation kit here or check out our shop, where all proceeds fund local donations, helping reduce the impact of the 4th wave.

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