Beauty Inspired by Science… Against All Odds

Jul 12, 2021 | Donation Stories, Featured

Asia Fee, chemist and founder of science-inspired cosmetics brand Alchemist Asia, tells us how she was able to keep herself and her customers safe while under lockdown.

Asia Fee is a chemist, and the founder of Alchemist Asia– a science inspired cosmetics company based in Valdez, Alaska. She launched her company in September of 2020, sharing her passion for STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) in the beauty industry and bringing awareness to how chemistry is used to create cosmetic products.

Within the first two months of her new venture, Asia was in the middle of a life-altering move from California, to Alaska. She needed to relocate to a new State, leave her secure job as a lab technician, and build a new network for her business in a completely different environment, all while much of the world was still dealing with the effects of COVID-19. As the pandemic went on, it became increasingly harder for Asia to source the materials that she needed to create her products. Isopropyl alcohol sanitizers, face shields, face masks, and other PPE were becoming very difficult to find, as essential workplaces were prioritized. In-person selling through vendor shows had to be postponed, and Asia needed to operate solely online for her business.


As a chemist, Asia knows the importance of using and wearing proper PPE for working in her lab, where she makes her cosmetic products. While searching online for quality protective equipment to make sure she could still operate safely through the pandemic, she came across our Healthful Plus PPE donation packages.. She registered and received a free package of 4-layered face masks, anti-fog face shields, and even offered to help us spread the word and fundraise through the sales of our Pocket UVC Sanitizer. With 100% of proceeds funding PPE donations, the Pocket UV-C Sanitizer has helped people like Asia give back, while sanitizing hard-to-clean objects and surfaces, such as makeup brushes, sponges, and mobile phones, in an environmentally-friendly way.

“I loved the UV Pocket sanitizer! As a chemist, I’ve had a lot of experience plating bacteria from “sterile” surfaces only to find them dirty under a microscope. I am aware of how easily bacteria can transfer from people and surfaces, so having a tool that can ensure the safety of my tools is the best!” – Asia Fee

As a recognized supplier of PPE, at Healthful Plus we care about donating PPE to those who need it across Canada and the US. To read about our story, and how we have been supporting small businesses like Alchemist Asia, click here for more details. Don’t forget to check out the products we sell to fundraise for our cause, or register for a donation here.

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